Cumulative CO2 emissions

Tonnes CO2

In addition to reducing the current rate of emissions, addressing the climate emergency will require dealing with the massive buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This buildup is primarily due to fossil fuel (and land-use) emissions over many years. Cumulative fossil CO2 emissions now exceed 1,700,000,000,000 tonnes (1.7 trillion tonnes).

Cumulative fossil CO2 emissions (excluding carbonation) are relative to 1750. Emissions estimates from 1750-2020 come from the Global Carbon Project's 2021 Global Budget and 2021 emissions are based on a projection from the Global Carbon Project. For 2022, emissions are assumed to match 2021 levels and be constant throughout the year. Thus, the emissions total displayed by the counter is only a rough estimate.

Emissions tracker developed by Chris Wolf (), William Ripple (), and Jillian Gregg with support from the CO2 Foundation.